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Wholesale Towels that last long!

Jul 23rd 2023

            Is there anything more fulfilling than having a big load of towels at a low price? Few purchases would bring more satisfaction than wholesale towels. You stand a high chance of saving quite a lot of money while also getting a good bargain, of course, with the appropriate consideration of features.

             Purchasing wholesale  towels will often incorporate tricky lingo such as combed cotton (which has long and strong fibers, making it durable and softer), twist (high twist being more durable while zero twist increases surface area), ring spun (short and long fibers tightly twisted making its loops smooth and strong). It is a good idea to speak with towel manufacturers to help you purchase the towels you are looking for!

            Further, you will need to consider the fiber content of the towel. Wholesale towels that are 100% cotton would be the softest and most absorbent. You might need to give supima and Egyptian cotton a wide berth as they would be expensive without offering any additional absorbency, durability and softness.

            Further, consider the weight of the wholesale towels. This would be measured in terms of grams per square meter. Higher weight would indicate denser towel, more absorbent and plush. Consider going for wholesale towels that have a minimum of 600 GSM.

            Lastly, you might need to examine the designs and colors of the towels. You do not have to be stuck with one bland choice just because you have bought wholesale towels. In essence, you could look for retailers who offer choices in terms of colors and designs even to match the ambience of your establishment.