How is the shipping charged?

The shipping is charged by the weight and the distance a package has to travel. By providing a zip code an estimated shipping can be provided over the phone. During checking out when purchasing online all shipping charges are available to view as well before payment stage. With us being a wholesale company offering low prices and quantity discounts we don’t afford to offer any Free Shipping.

How long does shipping take?

If a product is in stock it ships same day or next business day and usually gets to our customers within 2-6 business days depending on where they are located. We ship out of Atlanta, GA.

Our Work days and Hours?

We are open Monday – Friday from 9 am EST to 5 pm EST.

Do we offer a Multicolor pack of towels?

No we don’t. There are minimums that needs to be ordered in an item per color.

What is the minimum quantity I can purchase?

Most of the items are sold by the dozen on TOWELHUB and the minimum you can purchase is 1 dozen with a few exceptions such as the large size towels which are 30x60 (MOQ: 6 pieces), 35x70 (MOQ: 3 pieces). The Sale Unit for Bath Robes and Bath Wraps is Each [Ea.] and as less as One can be purchased.

How do I know which towel is thicker than the other one?

Please compare the GSM (Grams per Square Meter) value given in each item. The towel with the higher GSM will be thicker than the one with a lower GSM. Please also refer to the GSM chart provided under “About Us” on the website.

Can I order samples before purchase?

Yes, there is a ‘Sample Request Form’ under “Contact Us” on the top right of the website. Please fill that form out and hit the submit button. Nominal charges are involved in ordering samples. We offer the sample for free but cover our costs for the shipping etc.

Does TOWELHUB offer custom embroidery or screen printing services?

No, we at TOWELHUB do not offer any embroidery or printing services. We only sell blank towels at present.

Where do your towels come from?

Our towels are imported from overseas from various countries such as Pakistan, India, Turkey & Bangladesh.

How are Bleach Shield® towels different from regular dyed towels?

Bleach Shield® towels are dyed via a special dyeing process called VAT dyeing. This makes the towels resistant to bleach and color dyes. The other dyed or color towels that we carry are made by a dyeing process called Reactive Dyeing.

Does TOWELHUB ship out of United States?

We do not ship directly ourselves outside U.S.A. at the moment. Though, our out of country customers have us ship to their Freight Forwarders within the U.S. who then move them shipment overseas to our customers. Please also note for out of country customers we need the payment via a Wire transfer prior to shipment or an advance check. No credit card payment is accepted.

What is a Washcloth?

Washcloths are small square looking towels that range anywhere between the sizes 10”x10” up to 13”x 13”.

What is a Hand Towel?

Hand towels are rectangular looking towels that range anywhere between the sizes 15”x25” up to 16”x30”.

What is a Salon Towel size?

Towels ranging anywhere from 15”x25” up to 16”x30” are what are mostly used in Salons as Salon towels.

What is a Locker Room towel and its commonly used sizes?

A locker room towel is a medium size bath towel that goes around the waist and is used in locker rooms after any physical activity. Usually towels ranging from size 22”x44” up to 24”x50” are commonly used in locker rooms as locker-room towels. Some places even like to use bigger size bath towels such as the 27”x 54” bath towels or the 30”x60” in their locker room areas.

Which towels are suitable to embroider or screen print on?

Mostly everybody likes the Velour towels for this. The embroidery or screen printing comes out very nicely on the Velour side of the towel. Though, terry towels can be embroidered or printed on as well.

What does Velour mean?

When the towel loops are cut or sheared during the manufacturing process it gives the surface a smooth, soft and plush kind of feel. The appearance is quite similar to a Velvet fabric. This surface after the shearing process is known as the Velour. Excellent to screen print and embroider on!