Our Company

We are a manufacturer, importer and distributor of institutional towels, including products like hand towels, wash cloths, bath towels, bath mats, bar mops, salon towels, spa towels, colored hand towels, navy blue hand towels, hunter green hand towels, burgundy hand towels, and black hand towel. We also carry heavy weight bath towels for luxury hotels. Our hand towels come in at a good weight of 3Lb/Doz and are available in various colors. Hand towels can be used for salons, spas, tanning salons, and for cleaning purposes as a general wiper. Washcloths are 12×12 or 13×13 size and weigh 1Lb/doz & 1.5 lb/doz. Our wash cloths are super white and excellent for motels and hotels as well as any general purpose whether you need a small wiper for cleaning or for absorbing. Wash cloths are packed in 50 dozen and 100 dozen bales. The Premium Plus quality washcloths are packed in 20 dozen cartons.

Our Towels

At Towel Hub we carry various quality grades of towels a brief description of which is provided below.

Economy towels - These are the most inexpensive towels we carry. We only carry these in white color. They are mostly compress packed in bales thus when are received by customers look thin but after the 1st wash fluff up. These towels are not very soft but are great to be used where there is a quick turn over of towels or where inexpensive towels are used for the business need. Our economy towels are also double stitched so that our customers can use them for as long as possible.

Standard Premium towels - Are in between our economy grade towels and premium plus grade towels. We consider them as mid-grade towels which are softer compared to the economy towels. Made for commercial use and available at great prices. These towels come in white as well as colors. These towels are also double stitched to last repeated laundry washes. Color towels in this quality are 'Cold wash' towels and are to be washed in cold water and no bleach with all like colors to be washed together.

Premium Plus towels - These are the finest quality commercial grade towels that we carry. They are Premium Plus due to the higher quality of cotton used to make these towels. You would find these at 3-4 star hotels. We carry them in white and colors. These are nice towels and last a long long time. They come double stitched as well as in tuck-in selvage therefore last a long time during repeated laundry washings. If you are looking for a nicer quality towel than these are your towels. These towels can be washed in 'Warm water' and no bleach. Do not mix colors when washing.

Terry Velour towels - One side of these towels has terry loops and the other side is plush velour. Velour is when the terry loops of the towel are sheared in the manufacturing process to give it a soft velvet like look and feel. These towels are mostly used as fingertip towels, rally towels, golf towels, beach towels. They can be embroidered and screen printed on as well very easily.

Bleach Shield® towels - These are bleach proof, bleach resistant towels which are color safe and stain resistant towels as well. These are also known as bleach guard, bleachsafe towels in the industry. Bleach Shield® is our registered trade mark for these towels. These towels are dyed through a special process which makes these towels bleach proof. We sell these towels at wholesale prices and you can find them at the most competitive prices with us. These towels last 3-4 time longer than the regular salon towels. These towels can be washed in 90 degree hot water or in cold water and bleach and they will not loose their color. Mostly are used in the beauty industry where hair dyes are used. Can be used anywhere else as well where you like color of the towel to stay for a long period of time.

What is Towel Thickness?

Please note there is a GSM value displayed in every item. The GSM (Grams Per Square Meter) value defines the linear density of the towel in other words the thickness. When comparing different towels if you are trying to figure out which towel is thicker then please compare the GSM values. The towel with the higher GSM value is going to be thicker than the one having the lower GSM value.

Color / Shade Matching

When ordering towels of different sizes in one color please order in the same quality if you would like the color / shade of the towels to match with each other. For e.g. If you are ordering Washcloths & Hand Towels in Navy color then either order both in the Premium Plus quality or order both from the Bleach Shield® quality in order for them to match with each other. If exactly matching the shade is not an issue then you can go ahead and mix the qualities as well.

We Provide

  • First-rate products
  • Excellent discounts and bulk prices
  • Always same day shipping for order placed by 1 pm EST.
  • Wide selection of inventory
  • Customer focused staff

Our Customers

We have a wide spectrum of customers from cleaning companies, day camps, schools, colleges, gyms, athletic departments, nursing homes, hospitals, beauty salons, nail salons, spas, promotion companies, restaurants, etc. 

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As America’s premier source for institutional towels, we are dedicated to supplying you the best products at the lowest price coupled with the fastest, friendliest, customer focused staff in the business guaranteed.


We at Towelhub don't offer any free shipping due to we are a wholesale company and our prices are already very low for the quality of product that we sell. This does not allow us to offer any free shipping. Shipping is charged by the weight and the distance the package/s is to travel.