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Reasons how fingertip towels can be a real help this summer

Jun 29th 2023

Fingertip towels might not be a household name for towels, but they are used as an added luxury for guests in houses and formal setting, especially in hotels and spas. They are larger than the usual washcloth and smaller compared to hand towels.

Fingertip towels are used in many places rather than just bathroom but at receptions and parties etc.

  1. Ornamental design and presentation

Their small size does make them fit in at places where they can be of fantastic use. Out of many uses of fingertip towels, most of them can be seen in decor. This can help a real appeal deal if you decorate your room with a set of fingertip towels which will give the guest a sense of luxury.

  1. Formal settings

A fingertip towel with the right texture and color goes well with a bathroom which is used for a formal occasion. With matching toiletries, a fingertip towel is more preferred.

  1. Use in Dinner parties:

It is not necessary that fingertip towels only belong to the bathroom. They can be put to effective use in dinner parties, which usually occurs at hotels and even at home, the guest can use to clean their hands before and after eating.

  1. Kitchen use:

Kitchens are the perfect place for using a fingertip-towel and can help you out a lot, especially if you are running a hotel. The chef with all the heat needs a constant cloth that could allow them to wipe sweat and clean their hands to prepare food.