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How to Select the Best Washcloths

Aug 8th 2023

                        Washcloths are perhaps the toughest towels in any home and business. Their design makes them suitable for cleaning the dirtiest and messiest places and still look perfectly fine even after repeated usage and washing.

You would definitely want the washcloth to last long while still maintaining its fluffiness and softness. Apart from the size, weight, fabric and color, there are varying features you should be on the lookout for.

            First, ensure that the washcloths are sufficiently robust. Thin and insubstantial washcloths are less preferable compared to lush and super thick. This would ensure that it would not fall apart after a few times in the washing machine.

            In addition, you might need to look at the softness of the washcloths. No one would want anything other than a soft washcloth. This is safeguarded by a high thread count, which ensures that they remain fluffy and soft without compromising on the absorbency of the washcloths. Scratchy washcloths and towels would be likely to irritate rather than soothe the skin, in which case you should be on the lookout for washcloths with high thread count.

            Lastly, you should examine the cost or price of the washcloths. Of course, you do not want to drill a hole in your pocket when buying washcloths. You should be careful not to pay artificially inflated prices for towels or washcloths. You might want to talk to a towel manufacturer about getting discounts and better prices especially for bulk purchases. This could offer an opportunity for tiered prices and great savings.