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How to Purchase Professional Salon Towels?

Sep 6th 2023

Salons are some of the most intense users of towels. Everything done in the salon involves them picking up a towel at the end or start of each procedure,

might it be hair beauty treatment, manicure, eyebrow tinting, and many other procedures in the salon. This only means one thing; that salon towels must be well built to withstand all the work they have to do in the salon including wiping of and handling dripping from chemicals and other treatment materials. As such it is important to consider certain elements when choosing salon towels. Some of them include the following.

  1. The construction of the towel: while many suppliers of salon towels offer and supply different kinds of towels made from different materials, it is important for the salon owner to consider acquiring salon towels with the best construct, these are the ones that are properly stitched, with excellent hemming and edges, ones which will not wear away after a few cycles in the machine.
  2. Quantity of towels: furthermore, when ordering towels for the salon, it is important to consider the quantity required. Acquiring towels in wholesale or bulk can give a business many advantages including saving costs. Furthermore, salons have high usage and need for towels so it is better to get a big quantity of towels.
  3. Size of towel: towels need different sizes of towels depending on their uses. Consider and list down all the services where a towel will be needed in the salon and consider the number for each before ordering salon towels.

Absorbency: salon towels must be very high absorbent so that they can absorb all the water during various treatments. They must do this quickly and thoroughly to ensure that the customer is not left feeling uncomfortable.