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Salon Towels with protection from Bleach

Jul 7th 2023

            Salons are always looking for a nice set of salon towels. Indeed, salon towels will have a multiplicity of uses including wiping surfaces, towels for hair drying,  or  for drying nails.  It is acknowledged that there are numerous chemicals that are used in the salon establishments.

This underlines the need to get Salon Towels with bleach protection. However, bleach protection should not be the only feature that you look out for when buying salon towels.

            You might also need to consider the towel construction. The towel construction is a fundamental factor given the frequency of washing the towels as no towel should be used on multiple customers. In essence, the Salon Towels with bleach protection will also need to have tight, high quality stitching, double-turned edges, and advanced hemming to enhance their durability and capacity to withstand multiple washes.

            In addition, consider the weight of the towel. The Salon Towels with bleach protection will need to be heavier since they would be more luxurious and fluffy while also being of higher quality. Light salon towels will be less absorbent and thinner.

            Further, consider the absorbency when buying Salon Towels with bleach protection. A salon towel that has low absorbency will not be of any use in a salon. In this case, examine the number of loops on the towel since the higher the number of loops per square inch, the more absorbent it is likely to be. Of course, this will also be determined by the fabric or material making it up as cotton is more absorbent than other fabrics.