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How to Measure Hand Towels Thickness?

Mar 26th 2023

            You want to  look for GSM (Grams Per Square Meter) that defines the thickness of the towel fabric. The higher the number the thicker the towel. Thus it means the towel with a higher GSM will be thicker than a towel with a lesser GSM value. Click here for helpful chart

When looking at varying GSM values for the hand towels, it is always advisable to remember that any value between 300 and 900 GSM would be in a good range of thickness and quality. This, however, does not undermine the fact that higher GSM values would be indicative of higher thickness. Hand towels with higher GSM are more absorbent, which means that they are also fluffier.

Of course, determining how to measure hand towels thickness does not mean other qualities should be relegated to the periphery. Indeed, you will need to ensure that the hand towels have the right  color, possibly to complement the décor of your establishment. Further, you need to examine the size of the hand towels. It would not make sense to have hand towels that are too tiny to accomplish the task at hand. Further, you should desist from selecting those that are too large as to be cumbersome.