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Do Hand towels shrink?

Jul 18th 2023

            They are some of the most fundamental and important accessories in any facility. They have multiple uses irrespective of the magnitude of traffic in your establishment. And yet, one of the most fundamental questions you will ask is “do hand towels shrink?”.

Of course, the potential for hand towels to shrink depends on the type of material of which they are made, as well as the form of washing to which they are subjected. Any cotton hand towel is bound to shrink. Cotton is one of the most preferred fabrics for hand towels given its high absorbency rates and its fluffiness, so you don’t have to ask “do hand towels shrink”? 

            It depends,  there are some ways in which you can take care of the hand towels to reduce the potential for shrinkage. First, you should use cold water in the machine. The icy temperatures in the washing machine come in handy in averting the possibility of shrinkage at the seams. Indeed, it also assists in keeping the colors true and, often works better on particular stains.

            On the same note, customize the conditions of the drier to the material or fabric of the hand towels. As stated, a large proportion of hand towels is made of cotton and, essentially, should be dried using high heat. On the other hand, linen towels or towels that have a fragile decorative trim are to be dried at cool setting when one is using a machine. This may be complemented by reducing lint from lint trap prior to starting the dryer.