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Absorbent Hand Towels

Jul 25th 2023

            Hand towels are an absolute must-have in any home or hospitality facility. They come in handy in enhancing cleanliness and keeping one’s hands dry.

However, there are numerous features that determine the worth of hand towels key among which is the thread count. Thread count underlines the number of threads incorporated in a square inch of fabric and includes the number of threads vertically and horizontally. It is noteworthy that the higher the thread count the higher the absorbance rate for the hand towels, in which case, partnering with a manufacturer to ensure high thread count is imperative.

            On the same note, higher thread count would make the hand towels softer, plusher, durable, as well as absorbent. An example of this is Egyptian cotton towels, which are common in most hotels and spas and are quite durable when appropriately taken care of. In examining the thread count pertaining to hand towels, be sure to examine the number of threads per square inch rather than the number of cotton strands. One thread is made up of multiple strands, in which case counting every small fabric strand can be deceiving.

            High quality hand towels have tightly packed and thick loops. These hand towels will undoubtedly be more absorbent with more dense loops. They would also not have visible base layers. On the other hand, the less the thread on hand towels, the less the material you would be getting and, essentially, the lesser the quality of the towel. One of the best hand towels is made with 100% Pure Ring Spun Carded Cotton. You can purchase  hand towels for your business such as Salons, Spas, Hotels, Vacation Rentals, Golf & Country Clubs, or Gyms.