13x13 - 100% Cotton Bleach Shield¨ Purple Washcloths

Bleach Shield¨ Purple Washcloths in bulk. Bleach Proof, Color safe & Stain resistant. Widely used by Salons and many other businesses. Can wash in Hot water or Bleach & Cold water to remove stains. Towel color stays. Available at a great price!
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Bleach Shield®
1.5 lb/doz
13 x 13
100% Cotton
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Purple 13x13 Bleach Shield® Washcloths

Also available are Purple Bleach Shield Hand towels in sizes  16x26  &  16x28

  • These are excellent quality Bleach Safe Bleach Shield Washcloths
  • Can be washed in Hot Water / No Bleach to wash stains.
  • Can even be washed with Clorox Bleach & Cold Water to remove Stubborn Stains
  • Perfect to use by Salons where chemicals and hair dyes are used.
  • Perfect to use by Vacation Rentals and Hotels as Make Up Remover towels
  • These are not your ordinary washcloth towels!

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