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What is the difference between Gym towels & Hand towels?

Jul 5th 2023

            If you have ever tried going to the store to buy towels of any kind, you are likely to have been overwhelmed by the multiplicity of choices available. This is worsened by the fact that there are very minute differences between the different types of towels.

Indeed, most people are always asking “What is the difference between Gym towels & Hand towels”. There are varying differences between bath towels and gym towels.

First, you will need to consider the fibers. As much as cotton is the most common fiber that is used in making towels, the type of cotton will have  a bearing on the feel of the towel and, essentially, its uses. Hand towels will almost always have cotton or cotton-ply blends, while gym towels will be made of very observant cotton material.

Second, Gym towels can be of a larger size then Hand towels. For e.g. Gyms need towels for their locker rooms which are bath towel size towels. These are also commonly referred to as Gym Locker Room towels. These are usually ranging from sizes 22x44" up to 27x54 inches depending on the budget and size requirements of the gym.

Further, you might need to consider the weight of the gym towels and hand towels when determining “What is the difference between Gym towels & Hand towels”. Due to the material that makes them up, Gym towels are always lighter so they can be easily dried keeping energy costs low as well as easy to pack away. On the other hand, hand towels are highly absorbent and weightier, which makes them take considerably longer to dry up.

            Of course, this does not mean that gym towels cannot made up of cotton. Indeed, cotton incorporates absorption ability, which is advantageous for gym goers as it can soak up ten times more water compared to any other fabric. Further, cotton provides optimum breath ability, not to mention the fact that it can easily be washed.