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How to properly wash Gym towels?

Mar 22nd 2023

            Working out is immensely important for keeping fit and safeguarding healthy living. This does not undermine the fact that working out involves immensely hard work. Having clean and fresh gym towels is a crucial step in enhancing the efficacy of your workout. Most frequently asked question: how to properly wash gym towels:

  • In order to reduce freight cost, some of our towels have been compressed. Please wash and dry before  using them. They will fluff up and look amazing! Follow the instructions listed on the towel label. Bleach can damage towels. Use bleach sparingly, if at all, unless you have purchased our Bleach Resistant & Stain Resistant Towels also known as the Bleach Shield® towels.
  • Wash Colors Separately – Avoid Fabric Softeners - Do not wash different types of towels together. Wash each color separately. Do not use fabric softeners which can reduce absorbency a
  • Try not to overload your washer or dryer as it may cause your towels to weaken or possibly fray.
  • you can wash the gym towels in warm water. The utilization of warm water is crucial in safeguarding better absorption of detergent, reducing the amount of residue or build-up of the detergent on the gym towels. For an effective wash, you may need to let the detergent dissolve in warm water prior to adding the gym towels in the washer.


Once you learn how to properly wash gym towels, you may be tempted to wash as much of them at a go as possible