How to Measure Hand Towels Thickness?

            You want to  look for GSM (Grams Per Square Meter) that defines the thickness of the towel fabric. The higher the number the thicker the towel. Thus it means the towel with a higher GSM will be thicker than a towel with a lesser GSM value.

Salon Towels with Bleach Protection

            Whether you are an esthetician, barber, hairdresser or manicurist, the one item that you are most likely to use throughout the day would be a towel. However, it is noteworthy that such environments often involve numerous chemicals that could damage the colors of the salon towels, not to mention the fact that you will often need to use bleach to wash them.

What are the Best Golf Towels for 2022

            Any time you participate in the gentleman’s game, you will definitely want to have the best possible gear and equipment to support the game. Most golfers want to have the best gloves, clubs and golf balls.

Can Fingertip Towels be Embroidered on?

Can fingertip towels  be embroidered on?

            Thinking of buying the best fingertip towels for your establishment?  Are you looking to Custom Embroider your fingertip towels?  You work with towel manufacturers to offer you this service. At towel hub we relieve numerous  requests for this widely practiced to Promote a Product or  service. We can refer our clients  to great Screen Printing & Embroidery providers.

Why do Golf Towels come with a Brass Grommet and Hook?

            Your gentleman’s game is, undoubtedly, bound to be incomplete without the incorporation of a golf towel.  To make your golfing experience earlier, you can purchase Grommet and Hook golf towels. Grommet and Hook golf towels are so handy as you can hand then on your bag or clip onto your belt.  

Best Bulk Beach Towels by the Dozen

            So you have planned a trip to the beach to relax and wind away the tiresomeness that has built into your body due to hard work. You will acknowledge that such relaxation would be almost impossible without the right beach towel. 

Do the hand towels give out a lot of lint?

            When you first purchase a towel it is important to wash it, one you are getting rid of unwanted factory particles and two you will reduce the amount of lint. After a few washings and dryings, you will see little to no lint come out from your hand towels. It is best to avoid using fabric softener as this will interfere with the towels performance.

Are the Salon Towels Bleach Safe ?

            Bleach resistance is one of the most fundamental features of salon towels particularly given the fact that there are numerous chemicals and dyes used in salons. Towel Hub’s towels are Bleach Shield® Salon towels.

Looking for Gym Towels that fit your Locker?

            Working out at the gym is an immensely crucial activity not only for keeping fit but also enhancing your social circle. Apart from the gym clothing and equipment, you will, undoubtedly need a gym towel particularly given the need to clear off the sweat.

How to properly wash Gym towels?

            Working out is immensely important for keeping fit and safeguarding healthy living. This does not undermine the fact that working out involves immensely hard work. Having clean and fresh gym towels is a crucial step in enhancing the efficacy of your workout. Most frequently asked question: how to properly wash gym towels: