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Why Every Golfer Needs Golf Towels

Sep 10th 2014

Why Golfers Love Golf Towels

If you’re a golfer you know how important golf towels are. Golf towels are a type of sports towel that have many practical uses on the green. In fact, USGA rules allow that a “towel or handkerchief may be wrapped around the grip” of a golf club during play.” In this post Towel Hub has come up with some best feature of golf towels:


Many seasoned golfers use a golf towel to clean dirty clubs. Clubs that are caked with clumps of dirt make for bad shots. A damp towel can help you clean your clubs, keeping them in top condition for game time.


Ever try to shoot with sweaty hands? Good luck with that. Golf towels can be used to absorb moisture and dry golf balls, clubs, and sweaty hands. Drying clubs can help reduce the risk of rust building your clubs. A dry wipe-down with a golf towel can also help improve your grip on the club.


Many golfers hang their towels on a ring near the top of their golf bag. If you want to carry multiple golf towels, such as wet and dry ones, you can use separate towel holders that clip to your golf bag.

Towel Hub carries a diverse supply of golf towels, one side terry and the other side velour. What’s more, our golf towels are perfect for a custom embroidery or screen print!