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Fingertip Towels for Entertaining

Aug 12th 2023

            Fingertip towels serve numerous purposes whether they are placed at small bathrooms or used in elegant dinner parties. Given their size, they fill the void for individuals or facilities that require towels smaller than hand towels.

Nevertheless, as much as purchasing fingertip towels in bulk can save you a lot of money, there are varying features that you should pay attention to, key among which is the type of weave that is used in making them.

            Subject to the use to which the fingertip towels will be put, you will need to consider the most effective and appropriate weave. Indeed, the material that makes the towels has a bearing on the primary function of the same. There are varying weaves or materials from which you can select. Fingertip towels may be made of terry a universal towel material that incorporates large thread loops. These loops increase the absorbency rates of the towel, in which case it is perfect for daily use. In addition, you may find fingertip towels made of velour. The weave also incorporates large thread loops just as is the case for terry. However, its loops are sheared, thereby giving the fingertip towels a  soft feel and making them considerably less absorbent. In essence, the towel would be suited for blotting and not rubbing. Other fingertip towels are made of waffle, which is named after the small squares that make up the material. The weave is rough and more suitable for drying dishes or wiping debris and food. Lastly, there is jacquard, which has intricate design directly woven to the material making it resilient and strong and capable of withstanding heavy-duty tasks.